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Warrior Body Buddha Mind. Teaching traditional Chinese martial arts, Qigong, meditation and fitness.

Hearfield Sifu STG

The first WBBM instructional video in our new series on the Burning Palm System is now available!

Sifu Garry Hearfield teaches the foundation ”Soong Tahn Ging” internal springy force training methods in great detail, breaking it all down for you to understand this rare and deadly martial arts system.

Topics covered in the video include stances, theories, body postures, centerline principles, how to make your Burning Palm bag and the Five Shadow Hand conditioning practice.

This is where all Burning Palm practitioners start their martial arts journey…

Approximate run time 91 minutes, English language, 640 x 480 resolution, WMV file format.

Price $59.95 USD.

Visit http://www.warriorbodybuddhamind.com/wbbm/ for more information!

The Inner Temple

The Inner Temple of Warrior Body Buddha Mind is now open!

The Inner Temple is our WBBM members only social network, forum and online learning platform. By becoming a member of the Inner Temple you will gain access to deeper knowledge of the methods you have learned by getting help directly from our instructors. Perfect if you are learning from our videos and want feedback on your training progress.

The Inner Temple features:

  • Social networking, create your profile, write status updates, send private messages and get to know the WBBM team and the other members.
  • Discussion forums, have your questions answered directly by the instructors of Warrior Body Buddha Mind, share your training experiences with the other members.
  • Exclusive members only content, including articles and videos.
  • A 5% discount on all WBBM instructional videos.

All of the above is included in the Inner Temple membership costing just $100 USD per year. For more information on how to join, send an email to orders@warriorbodybuddhamind.com. Please include your full name, address and phone number.

For our long distance students, please note that the Inner Temple is not a replacement for the long distance training courses. It is a platform where members can discuss their training and get feedback on the material they have already learned.

See you there soon!


New WBBM website

The new WBBM website is up and running 🙂 All news will be posted there from now on!


We will be adding lots of cool stuff in the near future including a section for WBBM members only with social networking, videos, insiders training tips etc.

Check it out and stay tuned because we got a really sweet new video on the rare Golden Mantis system coming out soon too!