New WBBM website

The new WBBM website is up and running 🙂 All news will be posted there from now on!

We will be adding lots of cool stuff in the near future including a section for WBBM members only with social networking, videos, insiders training tips etc.

Check it out and stay tuned because we got a really sweet new video on the rare Golden Mantis system coming out soon too!

Omei Bak Mei – Cotton Palm and Iron Bridge available now!

Learn the devastating Cotton Palm of the Omei Bak Mei Kung Fu system!

Sifu Garry Hearfield teaches you the full Cotton Palm training method, including the correct striking procedure, how to generate and release whole body short power and much more.

He then continues to teach you the Iron Bridge and Claw training methods. He shows a number of ways to condition your arms Bak Mei style, such as how to develop the famous Suil Kuil technique for shattering the opponent´s bridge.

Finally he teaches you how to take care of your hands and arms after a hard training session, including proper application of Dit Dar Jow liniment and how to massage the hands and arms.

The video is in WMV format, 640×480 resolution, English language, approximate running time 83 minutes.

Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gung part 2 is now available

Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gung (White Tiger Heavenly Healing Methods) consists of 72 levels of training. Considered a treasure of the Doo family, the art is a complete Daoist internal training system in its own right with a special focus on developing healing energy.

In the second part of the series, Sifu Christer Wretfors teaches the first six standing meditations of Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gung. The methods are taught in their entirety, including the once secret breath percentage. These standing meditations are wonderful for removing energy blockages, improving the energy flow throughout your body and generating more energy in your hands.

In addition to the six standing meditations, we have also included a special bonus section at the end of the video aimed at those of you who have already started your inner journey through part one of the series. The bonus section teaches five more advanced meditation exercises building upon the fundamental listening skills taught in part one of the series.

Since this is part two of the series, knowledge of the methods taught in part one is a prerequisite and we strongly recommend that everyone start their training with part one before attempting to learn the material presented here in part two.

Approximate run time 66 minutes, English language, color, 640 x 480 resolution, WMV file format. The video was filmed outdoors during windy springtime conditions so there is the occasional wind noise, birds etc, basically this is the closest you can get to training with us in person in Sweden without actually being here 🙂

Red Dragon Energy Cultivation video!

Our new video on the Red Dragon Hei Gung of the Omei Bak Mei system is now available!

Red Dragon

The Red Dragon Energy Cultivation practice was said to be the foundation of Bak Mei’s Internal Energy System before learning the 8 Methods of Divine Force Teen Gong Ba Faht” which is said to be Bak Mei’s Cotton Body and secret to his internal health. The Hung Lung Hei Gung Red Dragon” signifies the internal heat or Yang Qi that is cultivated through the standing meditation sets that stretch and open up the energy or meridians inside the human body.

Red Dragon is taught to all students at the beginning in our Hung Mo style because the most important thing in learning Bak Mei is your health because without it you cannot learn the art completely and passionately. Red Dragon moves in a sequential order opening up the spine energy and to the Sup Yee Ma 12 main meridians”.

This rare internal practice has been kept within the Doo Family passed down from the disciple of Bak Mei White Eyebrow Daoist”, Hung Mo, which in English means Red Hair. This is the first time it will be released to the public hoping to preserve and pass it on for future generations as well family and friends to promote a healthy life style the ancient way.

The video is in WMV format, 640×480 resolution, black and white, English language, approximate running time 75 minutes.