Red Dragon Energy Cultivation practice

The Red Dragon Energy Cultivation practice was said to be the foundation of Bak Mei’s Internal Energy System before learning the 8 Methods of Divine Force “Teen Gong Ba Faht” which is said to be Bak Mei’s Cotton Body and secret to his internal health. The Hung Lung Hei Gung “Red Dragon” signifies the internal heat or Yang Qi that is cultivated through the standing meditation sets that stretch and open up the energy or meridians inside the human body.

When practicing one should get warm or sweat from this Gung, which means that the Red Dragon has awaken, as in activated. This simple and effective looking practice is much more than meets the eye and just this alone will bring the body back to a complete balance and should be part of any Bak Mei practitioner’s health exercises.

The sets are done in the tradition White Eyebrows horse stance which in itself is a standalone energy exercise coupled with normal and reverse breathing, hand movements that will work the body´s joints as well internal organs. The most common hand mudra or posture is the Monk begging for rice and Yin Yang Mudra that will circulate the life force within. Red Dragon is taught to all students at the beginning in our Hung Mo style because the most important thing in learning Bak Mei is your health because without it you cannot learn the art completely and passionately. Red Dragon moves in a sequential order opening up the spine energy and to the Sup Yee Ma “12 main meridians”.

Although the movements look easy you will develop a deep understanding or rooting force in your horse stance “Ma Bo”, as well balance your equilibrium by doing so. This rare internal practice has been kept within the Doo Family passed down from the disciple of Bak Mei ‘White Eyebrow Daoist”,Hung Mo, which in English means Red Hair.

Grandmaster Doo Wai passed the “Hung Mo Red Hair System” of Bak Mei to myself to spread his family´s art and this is the first time it will be released to the public hoping to preserve and pass on for future generations as well family and friends to promote a healthy life style the ancient way.

Both Sifu Christer Wretfors and myself are very happy to have this opportunity to share very soon the Hung Lung Hei Gung “Red Dragon Energy Cultivation Practice of the legendary White Eyebrow Daoist “Bak Mei” aka Pak Mei.

May the past, enhance the future….

Sifu Garry Hearfield

Doo Family Representative

Founder of Warrior Body Buddha Mind

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Shattering Palm – Daoist Monk Fung Do Duk’s Bone breaking skill

Shattering Palm – Daoist Monk Fung Do Duk’s bone breaking skill

According to the Doo Family records, the Shattering Palm was created by Daoist Monk Fung Do Duk sometime in the 1600’s which later laid the foundation of today´s Bak Fu Pai’s hands sets.

This system or method comprises both Yin and Yang or Hard and Soft training to develop this destructive force known as Ging. As the name Shattering Palm implies the art was known to break or shatter certain bones of its opponent with its fighting techniques through the power that is developed throughout the training. It was said that Daoist Monk Fung Do Duk could break the femur (thigh bone) with a single strike, this type of strike if the bone breaks and pierces the femoral artery inside the leg can lead to death. Many of the Shattering Palm fighting techniques are aimed at breaking the opponents bones which is more of an offensive mindset “There is no blocking or retreating in this system”!

The Shattering palm has unique training methods based on internal energy “Hei Gung” and external power “Ging”. The Internal side is part of the key to the development of this force but both Hard and Soft combined is the ultimate in this style. Standing and seated meditation is used to cultivate and move energy throughout the body using a secret breath percentage breathing method to activate this alchemical process to accumulate this internal energy. Hidden inside the Shattering Palm Hei Gung, are fighting methods and combat techniques that must be understood. At the same time there is certain hanging bag and devices to condition the practitioner’s hands, arms or bridge as well the use of trees for toughing up the iron type body.  Once understood any part of the body could be used to break parts of the opponent´s bones by manipulating their structure and applying force.  The claw is conditioned to a very high degree as well the forearm muscles due to many palm techniques turning into grabbing and seizing attacks. There is Soft and Hard internal sets, the most keep secret is the 10,000 Heavens Force which is taught to students usually later after the internal and conditioning is started. According to GMDW the 10,000 heavens force is the highest because when truly cultivated can harm your opponent from a distance without touching them and shattering the person´s life force or upsetting the persons internal energy which was said to lead to health complications.

The system uses soft or hard forces when releasing the power depending on the initial attack, set ups or fakes can be used to get the shattering palm stylist into its range to apply their techniques. The style uses many hand & leg strikes, knees, throwing skills, seizing hands, that are aimed at attacking the opponents weak points and joints!

The Shattering Palm is by far one of the most destructive forces that has been withheld inside the Bak Fu Pai Doo family due to its deadly internal force that it could produce. Daoist Monk Fung Do Duk created the hand sets to allow students to learn basic fighting techniques but without the shattering palm force the forms can never be learned to their full internal capacity. This is one of many Gings found hidden inside the BFP Kung Fu system and now it´s available to anyone serious to learn and develop such internal force. Sifu Christer Wretfors has been training the Shattering palm for close to 8 years and has dedicated himself to this art. I learnt this system myself under GMDW and have now passed it onto Sifu Christer for development and research with the blessing off my Sifu (GMDW).

This very unique system is definitely a Doo Family treasure passed down by Daoist Monk Fung Do Duk!!!

Sifu Garry Hearfield

Warrior Body Buddha Mind

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