Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gung 1 now available!

Our first video on the Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gung – White Tiger Heavenly Healing System is available for digital download!

Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gung (White Tiger Heavenly Healing Methods) consists of 72 levels of training. Considered a treasure of the Doo family, the art is a complete Daoist internal training system in its own right with a special focus on developing healing energy. Learning and developing the skills of the entire system is a lifelong undertaking but the most important work is begun in the first levels of training.

In this video, Sifu Garry Hearfield teaches the first six sitting meditation levels of Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gung. The methods are taught in their entirety, including the once secret breath percentages.

Also taught are important fundamentals of Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gung, including topics such as Five Element theory, Jing-Hei-Sunn (The Three Treasures), breathing and listening skills.

Approximate run time 62 minutes, English language, 640 x 480 resolution, WMV file format.


108FIT is a bodyweight method combining Chinese breath work or Qi Kung combined with functional movements that are used in everyday life or what I call “LIFE MOVEMENTS”.  Each of the main 9 exercises target more than one muscle group or better known as co-contraction of muscle groups. The 108 represents the repetition of each exercise which is a very high number but it´s just a number to strive for allowing the person to target and set goals. The higher you get, the fitter and stronger you get, it´s that simple!

Each exercise uses a Chinese method of breathing to empower the body through the exercises, bringing the body, breath and mind in unison throughout the training session.  The 108 is made into 3 levels of advancement and contains only 3 exercises per level which train the upper and lower body, as well the core, although all these 3 exercises in each level use more than one muscle group plus engages the core regardless. 108FIT isn´t just about  body weight strength training, it also has cardio or what I´ve termed the “Qi Walk” which allows you to focus on breathing filling the body up with oxygen which becomes very meditative and gentle for the body. The “Qi Walk” is done on the days in between your 108FIT Body Weight Training which helps in recovering and burn off those extra kilos.

108FIT uses meditation for a cool down and gently restores the energy back into the body promoting a healthy mind and spirit. This unique system works on developing the entire body in the 6 directions from the inside out using the F.I.T as in 108FIT as FORCE, INTENT, TENSION!

Force – Is the internal energy and muscle power developed through the 108FIT method.

Intent – Is used in conjunction with all exercises combining breath, movement, mind together as a complete unit.

Tension – Is created to develop faster and stronger muscles with all the 108FIT exercises.

Many students here and around the world are now are practicing 108FIT to rebuild the body and live the 108FIT lifestyle. For athletes, or even beginners, the 108FIT will bring your body back to a balanced healthy shape done in the most natural and functional way, the “LIFE MOVEMENTS” are what we are born with.

Anyone wanting to join 108FIT and develop the “Warrior Body Buddha Mind” can email me at burningpalmsystem @

Sifu Garry Hearfield

Founder of Warrior Body Buddha Mind